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Pané Nicola

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Authentic Artisan Hand Twisted Bread

Pané Nicola is a tasty, crusty bread with a deliciously moist interior. Its outstanding flavor comes from a two day fermentation process using a special blend of spring and winter wheat. Each loaf is individually hand twisted, which gives the bread its unique shape and texture. The bread is then skillfully baked in European style hearth ovens on the third day. This time honored artisan technique is what makes Pané Nicola so special.

Nick Orlando Sr.'s love of fine food and wine carried him around the world. From cart-worn paths of the Italian Tuscan countryside to the wine scented air of the French Loire Valley, Nick was in search of epicurean delights.

Pané Nicola, Nick's Bread, is in memory of Nick Orlando, Sr., family patriarch. Only the most appetizing, mouth-watering bread deserves to carry his name.

Sold exclusively at Heinen's in the bakery department.